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hiyas buddy, put the kettle on, make yourself a brew and start reading (chocky hob-nobs optional, but recommended)

heres what you need with links and how to do it.

1. Pro Duo Memory stick with MagicGate(tm) enabled

Heres a reasonable priced item from BIN £4.61 (includes postage)

please make sure to ask the seller to ensure that these cards are offical sandisk that have magic gate capability. (if they dont they are fakes and no use to you)

Now the next part is programming the card(s) - Follow this guide on how to make a Magic Memory Stick under windows XP or Vista, this does assume you have a way of connecting the PSP or ProDuo card to the PC, if not have a look on eBay for Pro Duo to USB adapter, they should be under £2 inc postage.
(i have included the software you need in a link very shorty)

2. The Pandora (Service) Battery

Good news is that I can send you one free - I will convert an existing PSP Slim battery (dont worry its a spare and of no use to me) and pop it in a jiffy bag to you- send me your address and I will send it tomorrow morning =D

I have uploaded a two packs for download

Pack 1> Magic Memory Stick Creator [26MB]
  • This package has 1 Directory

    1. Unpack the file
    2. review the guide posted earlier
    3. read the README.TXT file
    4. run the program "autorun.exe"
    5. Follow onscreen instructions

After you have used the Magic Memory Stick Creator, you should be able to UNLOCK your PSP with the Pandora Battery and the memory stick.

Turn off complete the PSP, insert the memory card, and then remove the existing battery and replace it with the Pandora Battery - if the PSP is CFW friendly it will attempt to load a Firmware from the Memory card. (you will notice the MSProDuo read light flashing)

when present follow the onscreen instructions (press X to continue flashing)

When complete and you have done a reboot, you will have CFW 3.71 installed from here you will need the next package

Pack 2> PSP_Update_Pack [67MB]
  • This package has 3 directories

    1. 5.00 m33-6
    2. 5.50 GEN D
    3. selplugins

Installing Custom Firmwares

Once you are CFW enabled we can now update your PSP with the following

1. Update for 5.00 M33-6 (needed before 5.50GEN-D) (connect PSP or Card to USB)
  • a. Copy the "500.PBP" file from the "5.00 m33-6" directory to the ROOT of the memory card
    b. Copy the "UPDATE" folder from the "5.00 m33-6/5.00M33-6" directory to the "PSP/GAME" on the Memory Card

Now using the PSP navigate to GAME on the XMB, press X and select the UPDATE icon (you will now update to 5.00M33-6)

2. Upadte for 5.50 GEN-D (support 6.x SFW)(connect PSP or Card to USB)
  • a. Copy the "550.PBP" file from the "5.50 GEN D" directory to the ROOT of the memory card
    b. Copy the "UPDATE" folder from the "5.50 GEN D\5.50GEN-D\PSP\GAME" directory to the "PSP/GAME" on the Memory Card

Now as above, using the PSP navigate to GAME on the XMB, press X and select the UPDATE icon (you will now update to 5.50 GEND-D)

I have thoroughly tested GEN-D on vairious PSP's now and I am pleased to say its well worth getting upgraded too, its got great legacy support (in the sense none of the old stuff is broken!) and gives you 6.xx OFW Game support =D (includes Gran Turismo) yummy

Whats all this "selplugins" and recovery stuff all about?

well its about software libraries for the POPs (POrtable Playstation) emualtion on the PSP. cutting a long story short not ALL games were complied / converted with the same libraries as such some games wont load without that set in memory so what we need to do is.

1. Copy the "selplugins" directory to the ROOT of the memorycard you have you games on.
2. Completely "TURN OFF" the PSP and restart in Revovery Mode
  • Hold down Right Shoulder Button and then turn on the PSP, this will enable the recovery options.

In the recovery Menu

We will enable Games to run from the memory card (without the need for UMD)
Enable selplugins for POPs

1. select [[Configuration ->]] by pressing 'X'
2. highlight [[UMD Mode]] and press 'X' untill it states "( M33 Driver - No UMD)"
3. highlight and select [[Back]]
4. highlight and select [[Plugins ->]]
5. highlight and select [[popsloader.prx [POPS]]] by pressing 'X' to [Enable]
6. highlight and select [[Back]] and then highlight and select [[Exit]]

your PSP will now reboot with POP's fully enabled and PSP games can now run from ISO's from your Game memory Card.

There that lot should helps =D

Now, do you want to know more about PSP emulation?

A while back I did some youtube guides (including how to setup other emu on on retro Gamer)
That should get your gaming glands going =D
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