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Just did that. Well, just one game yet: Turrican II, of course.

Works fullspeed with frameskip 0 and perfect 44kHz stereo sound at the Pandora's default speed.

Only one sound effect - collecting diamonds - sounds weird. Other than that the sound is spot on.

The keyboard already works in the emulator. I've opened the music menu prior to playing the game and navigated with the numbers and Escape. In game "P" also paused the game.

There are 3 control setups for different genres. The 2nd is perfect for Turrican: jump with the lower firebutton, single shoot with the left button and fire a powerline with the right button. The upper button activates auto autofire. Because the single fire still interrupts the autofire (as long as you push it) you can just let Turrican autoshoot all day and still activate the laserbeam with single fire when needed.

This version of the emulator just doubles all the pixels resulting in Turrican II not using the screen's full height. The game has only 216 pixels height which is doubled 432 (< than the Pandora's 480 pixels height).
"Fullscreen" 320x256-games won't be fully displayed with this version of the emulator.
It really needs an Autozoom feature as PSPUAE has.

Maybe I'll try to build the N900-port of UAE4All which has more features - incl. savestates. Btw., the N900 has the same CPU and resolution as the Pandora (800x480) and the one who ported UAE4ll to it (smoku) already put a lot of effort into it.

Scrolling isn't 50Hz-perfect as the Pandora's LCD has a different refresh rate (which was to be expected). Hopefully there'll be an application that lets us change the display's refresh rate. But it's not a big deal on such a small screen.
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