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I voted for both. The emulation is great and serves it's purpose. But owning and using a real Amiga is what it is all about. A 20+ year Amiga is never going to be perfect, but that is what makes it perfect. WinUAE just makes it too easy, too clean.

Like watching old skool Kung Fu films. You want the cheesy dialogue, the out of sync dubbing, and the scratchy picture quality. It's what adds to the charm and fun.

Plus, like a teenage boy-racer, you can spend time personalising, upgrading and tweaking your Amiga. After a while, you will have something truly unique, rather than a generic emulation that you run on your PC.

Well that's my $0.02 worth.

Long live the Amiga and all who play play with her. She's well over 18 years old - so it's legal!!!!

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