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Originally Posted by whiteb View Post
There should be a CYLINDERS entry inside HDTOOLBOX, use what it says for the LowCyl, HighCyl, Blockspertrack etc...

From what I know, there are NO use for Cylinders.., as CF dont use them.

Well, 0x444F5305 is FFS International with Directory Cache, I would recommend 0x444F5303 to start with, other than that, it looks fine.

My problem at the moment, is I have a CF card from my A4000 (So i know its formatted properly), but the A1200, on Workbench says "CF0:Uninitialized", yet HDtoolbox recognizes the CF card on Compactflash.device and even shows the CORRECT partitions on the card.
I'll nave access to my A1200 today and try to finally figure this one out. I've successfuly used PCMCIA adapters to mount FFS/SFS partitions (even booting from them using a special floppy) but sometimes it seems like hit and miss.

Cylinders are ignored when using compactflash.device with fat95. Amiga filesystems require them to work (AFAIK).
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