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Originally Posted by ppill View Post
OK here's the run down...

Let's say I have a 128MB CF card and want to create an FFS partition on it that uses all the space with a blocksize of 1024 bytes just to speed things up a bit.

What parameters (compactflash.device together with FastFileSystem) are mandatory and which ones are ignored in the mountlist?

How many cylinders are used for the RDB? 2? Do I take those into account?

Would something like this work?

Device = compactflash.device
Unit = 0
Flags = 0
FileSystem = L:FastFileSystem
Surfaces = 1
BlockSize = 1024
SectorsPerBlock = 1
BlocksPerTrack = 1
Reserved = 0
Interleave = 0
LowCyl = 0
HighCyl = 128
Buffers = 30
BufMemType = 0
MaxTransfer = 0x00ffffff
Mask = 0xfffffffe
DosType = 0x444f5305
GlobVec = -1
StackSize = 4096
There should be a CYLINDERS entry inside HDTOOLBOX, use what it says for the LowCyl, HighCyl, Blockspertrack etc...

From what I know, there are NO use for Cylinders.., as CF dont use them.

Well, 0x444F5305 is FFS International with Directory Cache, I would recommend 0x444F5303 to start with, other than that, it looks fine.

My problem at the moment, is I have a CF card from my A4000 (So i know its formatted properly), but the A1200, on Workbench says "CF0:Uninitialized", yet HDtoolbox recognizes the CF card on Compactflash.device and even shows the CORRECT partitions on the card.
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