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Originally Posted by ppill View Post
There's a way around that. Use FakeKey. It emulates pressing a defined key (Enter in this case) after a delay in scripts.
At start big thanks for your help. Yes. You exacly undestand good what I wanted to do.
I'm glad Polish dudes are also active here, not only at I searched at Aminet for
something like press key or send key, the correct word was fake. It work fine with dsm
even when delay time is set for 0 seconds and dms create file with lowercase extension.

Also why are you using:
when they're never executed? You don't need those. Also instead of:
I'm newbie in AmigaDos scripts and I thought after end of LAB section I always must add
SKIP <LAB_NAME> BACK - I seen this method used in the ClassicWB installation scripts.
(...)It's more system friendly that way.
Thanks for suggestion. I didn't know and didn't remember all assign switches. And now
everything works fine in this script. Once again big thanks for your comprehensive help.
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