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heh.... no worries!

If there's one thing I've learnt over the years making music is that all of it is subjective. I know what you mean... Hubbard's genius was the ability to make the most out of a limited instrument. Its far easier for me to use any instrument available as a sound source for the track, whereas in his case he only had one thing to work with.

Its funny, I'm a bit nervous with this remake, as I know that some members of the community love the original track for what it was in its existing state (hence this post requesting thoughts and feedback). Adaptations pale in comparison.

The worry I have is that as a producer I'm tweaking areas to suit the 'feel' of the track more, and with the added lyrics it does break the original pattern. So whilst I want to do it some justice, I'm also having to remove/edit some notation to make sure it retains a modern sound. The main hook is there though, so we shall see!

Sadly out of the studio until the coming weekend, so you guys will have to wait 4 more days for the final version.... but it sounds cool so far.
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