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Originally Posted by phipscube View Post
I think a nice little A600 with a few floppies for him to start with might be good, he's fasicnated with the disks too. I bought a pile of old ones off ebay a few weeks ago, and on the way home from the post office he wanted to hold at least 2 at a time in his hands all the way home. funny kid

Good luck with the accelerator, I think you know this, but the Blizzard 1230 IV is probably your best bet, lots on ebay! Just a bit pricey.... My accelerator is a bit of an arse, it aclashes with PCMCIA (I have 8MB but can only use 4MB at the mo as I use Easy ADF).

Replied to you in your thread about your other idea
kids are funny, my daughter (11yrs) from playing Lotus 2 on my real A1200 and then moved to the Xbox360 to play Red Dead Redemption

both she plays ok... it makes me proud

now to get her master halo or cod, then she can join me and kick ass!
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