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Looking for some info about IFF ANIM+SLA format movies

I recently stumbled across a revision to the IFF ANIM format called ANIM+SLA.

This format includes the ability to play sounds with video. Sounds are standard IFF 8bit samples (8SVX) and video is either Anim5 or Anim7 format.

Here is the problem, ANIM+SLA has two distinct flavours. One loads the sound into memory in one chunk and streams the video. I'm not interested in this. BUT there is a second mode, which interleaves portions of video and audio to allow the streaming of synchronised sound and video together. The sound and video are split into chunks and alternated with the ANIM file.

Trouble is the only program on Amiga, BIGanim 4.0, I have found which supports ANIM+SLA only supports playback in the first not the second mode, ie the mode that mimmicks how AVI on PCs works.

Anyone have a program to both playback ANIM+SLA format videos from hard disk via streaming AND/OR create them? Would ADPro do this? ImageFX? Or is it the case that the ANIM+SLA format was invented the same time Commodore went bankrupt and so it never got proper support?

Google is rubbish here, 5 hits in total. I think I stumbled upon a page that mentions Dpaint 5 supports ANIM+SLA but which type and Dpaint doesn't allow you to add sound to animations does it?

Help appreciated.
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