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@TheCyberDruid - Sorry *IS* the best version. You Turrican fanboi!!!!! Just wish they would finish and release Turrican 3D.

@ck1200 - Amigakit has some nice, ahem Amiga kit. I will be getting his 4GB CF 1200 package. And don't worry, I don't have the heart to "harm" an innocent CDTV keyboard. I can tell you are worried about their wellbeing.

@Phipscube - I have read only good things about the kit and Amigakit, so at this point it's a no brainer

@Powerpie5000 - Thanks. Still thinking, as the accelerator will allow me to run a more modern and better looking WB, the newer games, and that feeling of poooower!!!!! But geting 8MB will be a cheaper option. Aaaargh!!! Too many choices

@Slk486 and Dastardly - Thanks for the welcome.
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