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Originally Posted by Kitty View Post
Now that WinUAE is at a stage where its almost 100% as good as using a real Amiga, would you choose it over the real thing?
Nope, my Amiga hobby is about Amigas and not about emulation. For old game consoles, emulators are fine, but for computing? No way
Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I'm known for saying repeatedly "nothing beats the real thing", however WinUAE is at such an advanced state of evolution nowadays, I can't see myself not deeming it a NECESSARY tool for ANY -real- Amiga hardware user.
I have to admit that for drive backups and settig up a system from scratch, WinUae is very useful if one is otherwise not interested in emulation.
Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
Anyone who uses a real Amiga is an idiot.
I'm very happy to be an idiot, then

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