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Originally Posted by chriskdx View Post
Sold my amiga in 1995.
After that I was using WinUae almost 14 years watching primarily demos and playing games.
In 2010 I bought a used A1200 and expanded to Blizzard 1260, adapters, cf cards, pcmcia cards, joysticks etc etc

Nothing feels like a real Amiga...
As a Mac user, WinUAE would probably require me emulating windows to emulate the Amiga. A road I'm not going to go.

Real amiga with power is both expensive and not as fast, but. it's real. It's like buying that 1986 Porsche 911 that you lusted after your childhood years even though it's slower, doesn't handles as good and is less safe than a performance car in the same price range today. When you are behind the wheel of the new modern sportscar you'll have a blast with the imagination of driving the sports car dream you had, but it never will be the same.

To me the Amiga is the old sports car from the time where a sports car didn't have the same massive power, but it was fast, nippy and fun because it hadn't the bloat of today. So I choose that one. (well, in Amiga terms. A coworker had his childhood dream Porsche and it wasn't much fun once it started to have problems. So I would never own an old sports car. Fortunally, Amigas are more realible)
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