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I just got a reply from Michiel, here it is:

Re: PFS3
Monday, May 31, 2010 11:09 AM
"Michiel Pelt" <>
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"Ignacio" <>
> Thank you for letting me know. I just wanted to ask you two things:
> 1-Are you still going to release the PFS3 cdrom on Aminet, so that it becomes publicly availble?

Not exactly. First of all, the CD ROM also contains Kang Fu, which
will not be included. Secondly, the PFS3 on the CD is a commercial
release, with serial number registration etc. I will remove this and
make some other changes to reflect that it is a public domain release.
Since this takes some time, and you are all waiting so eagerly, I
decided to agree to publish PFS3 as is on the coverdisk of Amiga
Future. In other words: on the Amiga Future coverdisk you get a
licensed copy of the commercial PFS3 for free, on Aminet there will be
a public domain distribution of PFS3.

> 2-How is the work on the sources going?

It is just a matter that needs some of my time, which is rather
limited at the moment.

Best regards

Michiel Pelt
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