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Yes, in case the clue wasn't quite good enough, Damonenburg AKA Demon Castle has been found.

I say found, I always knew where a version was, but its only the recent work of a friend of mine that has managed to retrieve it for me.

As many know, I suffered a major hard drive crash back in 2004, and I lost a great deal of stuff that was irreplaceable, one of those things was Damonenburg.

Well, he needed a car and I needed his magic to see if he could get anything off of the hard drive before it died.

He has a cupboard FULL of old hard drives, and searched for over 2 hours before he found the correct Samsung type, and then set about rebuilding the the drive from that to get it running... which he did.

Sadly over 60% of my stuff is gone, lost forever, looks like the two games I was working on in the late 1990's are gone, but he's going to try again.

However, one of the last things I did before the hard drive failed was to image a copy of the crack of Damonenburg I did and I also started on a WHDLoad version as well.

The disk version i've done is almost complete, just a few more bugs to sort out as the 'game' is VERY buggy.

Was the copy protection difficult? Er, no, it was not. That was defeated in 45 minutes.

Whilst I appreciate that people don't like irreplaceable stuff being lost, I think a lot of you are going to be sorely dissapointed when it is finally released, for a start theres not really a game there, just a preview of the game engine, with ugly graphics and bad coding.

Stingray has seen it, and he was less than impressed.

Fear not, Damonenburg will be ready very soon for you to peruse for yourselves
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