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Rob Hubbard's Delta

Hey folks,

Been ages since I've been on here - still quietly composing in the background. I'm going to submit a track to remix64 soonish, but wondered if I can get some advice/opinion here beforehand?

I want to somehow get in touch with Rob Hubbard to seek permission to comercially release this track on the general market (with royalties going to him) - early days yet, but I think this has potential. He's a massive influence on my work (it was computer composers like him that got me started in professional music later in life) and I still use a myriad of retro computers alongside contemporary instruments for my music.

I'd also like to get opinions from the community directly, as I want to do this track some justice. How would you guys feel if this was to be commercial? The style is 80's in nature, and pretty much uses all kinds of early synths (MS-20, ARP 2600 etc.). I've uploaded the 1st day's work for you to have a listen, and I'm currently writing lyrics which should be laid down today with any luck, but wouldnt mind some honest feedback to make sure I get it 'right'.

Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated. Simply enjoy!

EDIT: Preview over - link now removed.

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