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They're keeping some of the original Amiga philosophy, and there's no Amiga charm in an Intel compatible system. If you can't feel the difference, then I have to ask why you are still interested in the future Amiga ideas. For me, the feeling of being able to use a system from 1992 (expanded A1200) with modern applications is well worth its price. I don't use it as my main computer, but I play with it at times. The feeling is unbeatable, and I think myself that the feeling you get from your computer is also an important factor for many.

If you want superior performance and cheap costs, go buy a PC on ebay and install AROS. Or GNU/Linux and make an Amiga OS skin, it won't be the same. Performance is not everything, computers do almost have a soul and personality
If you want something that makes a difference from your PC or Mac, then consider getting what we'll see this year. Something exotic and new, not just another box that you can install Windows on. Not something every second people have.

If they made an x86 PC and ported Amiga OS 4.0 to it, it'd just be "another PC". Off with the crap, I want something else! Can't you feel the difference on what hardware you use?
If they made their own system design and let OS 4.0 run natively, it'd be something different. By that I mean no PCI Express, i7 or Geforce 480.

My point being that PCs are everywhere, sometimes we geeks want to expand our interests and toys! Expensive or not, machines can be hobby toys too. You know yourself what makes you happy, go for it.

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