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I'm sure if Michiel still intends on open sourcing PFS3 it will happen regardless of AndreasM. Everyone is just a bit pissed because we have seen AndreasM put things on a cover disk and then claim he is the sole copyright holder and distributor with no proof of either and then go around causing trouble for people... Just a knee jerk reaction to a massive jerk.

So how is the effort going to preserve Michiel's HDD/ZIP drives? Any luck obtaining the source code which could actually make this open source?

Gulliver your efforts are appreciated, I probably would have told AndreasM where to stick it if I were in your shoes, but hey thats just me.

edit: Hewitson your avatar is starting to piss me off, its like having an evil twin with a moustache everywhere. Have to double take and say "hey.... did I say that?"



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