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C'mon guys, dont do this, you are just going to eat yourselfs up with suposition and suspicion. I understand that some are angry but this is what it is, the Irony is no-one know's what it is at the moment.

Please just wait and see what happens, there is no point in blaming anyone untill you know for sure what is going on - especially gulliver whom has worked hard and done his best to facilitate PFS3 to have a become a public binary release.

I also know that there is a lot of animosity towards AndreasM, although some might be warrented or even justified, I fear this thread has moved to a whole new level of persecution, that may not even be warrented.

So give this some time and see how it develops.

Remember at the end of the day this (PFS3) belongs to Micheal he has expressed an interest in putting it into the public domain (pending on a license that agree's with his works protection).

so just give it time... should that it turn out for the worst you already have lit torches and sharpen pitchforks.... however should that it turn out for the better, you will have some humble appologies to make.
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