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@Djay - Thanks. I have been doing loads, and loads and loads of reading to get my head around what I would need to get to have a nice WHDLoad machine (trying to make the A1200 as close to a gaming console as possible). The EasyADF is on my shopping list:-

1) 8MB RAM card - is this enough or just the bear minimum for WHDLoad?
2) 4GB CF HD
3) EasyADF Transfer Kit

What do you guys think? Is this a sensible list for a gaming 1200? I have been thinking about an accelerator with 32 or 64MB of fast ram. But I haven't really found any use of that. Or are there Amiga games that will need that kind of horse power? Would having an accelerator speed up games like Microprose F1GP? Is a 4GB CF HD enough, or should I get an 8 or 16GB card?

Sorry for all the questions. I guess this is why member introductions is in the problems section!!
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