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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Salamander? Well, this one is way too jerky. Just like Gradius or Nemesis. It's better to play the PC-Engine ports or the Salamander/Gradius Deluxe packs on PSX/Saturn. The MSX/MSX2 sadly had no hardware scrolling support.
Not on a technical side, of course, and especially on the MSX 1. MSX2 has hardware scrolling support, but only vertically. Anyway, Salamander is very intense, particularly if played in two player mode with a friend. It has some very good BGM since the cartridge had a SCC chip (5 more audio channels for a total of 8), and the weapon system is awesome. Honestly, don't be repulsed by it's jerky side and outdated look by today or even Amiga standart, just try it with a friend, I think you will be quite surprised if you give it a try.
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