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Originally Posted by Jonathan Drain View Post
Someone (I forget who) said that the PC is the new Amiga. I didn't believe it at first, but it's accurate. Both are or were technologically advanced, work as both a games console and a "serious" computer, and more expensive than competing consoles (which sell the hardware at a loss and take royalties from the software, and maintain tight control over publishing).

The PC is missing a lot of the low-budget user-friendly do-it-yourself spirit, but you still see that from time to time - free software, indy game development, and so on. I like to imagine that the Amiga in some part inspired it.
No you are wrong.

Think back to the time of C64 and Amiga launches. What do you remember?

IBM PCs costing a fortune and cheap but restrictive games consoles. And now overlap the technical ability of the original A1000 vs Consoles/EGA PC with the price of a console/EGA-PC.

And what do you have? You have a machine that costs less than half the price of a the EGA PC of 1985, is technically superior to the PC and plays better games than the £150-200 claptrap from SEGA and Nintendo with the SMS/NES in the mid 80s. Even the A500 was still able to hold a good fight against the 286 PCs costing £1000s and Sega Megadrives with £50 game cartridges. Amiga was £450 if you shopped around and games under £20 mail order, Megadrive was about £175-200 but with £50 games, PC-AT even from Amstrad was £1000 and games were between £30-40.

Today we have...Xbox360 and PS3 costing about 20% of the price of a PC tower sans monitor package capable of playing games as beautiful as Killzone II or Alan Wake on Vista @ 60fps in 1920x1080 resolution. Find me a tower that will run Alan Wake on Vista/7 as well as a £125 360 for anything like £300.

If x1000 was the new A1000 it would be £500 and out of the box would be able to run games faster and better than a 360/PS3.

Hyperion are idiots, if they had a clue they would have set out a reference design x86 PCI-E motherboard, put an i7 CPU and 2nd fastest Nvidia or ATI graphics card in there with 1gb of ram. THEN they would port OS4 to THIS machine which would satisfy the criteria of the original A1000 and A500.

Instead we get a useless machine only nerds will be interested in....again.

People constantly banging on about Intel CPUs, ie i7 not Atom low end netbook crap, being unsuitable are idiots, the only thing wrong with PCs is Microsoft Windows, the hardware is astonishing compared to the crap A-EON want to sell you for £1500 without even a top end GPU inside sorry. These people are suffering 1994 Amiga Format syndrome. Only in some fantasy world are you going to get a mass market cheap CPU/Motherboard that exceeds price/performance of i7...but then people who think that are

Apple are not stupid, their products may be crap technically in the 80s/90s compared to Commodore sure, but their business sense is spot on. This is why PPC processors were dumped for x64/x86, so if any company is still pimping a PPC CPU except if it's actually a deal to use the xbox 360 motherboard for a reference design for a new home computer as a package is also an idiot

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