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Thanks for the welcome guys.

@Prowler - I always wanted a 1200. I had an original 500, and then a 600. Slowly moving up the Commodore food chain.

@Amigakit - nice shop. I have seen a couple of things I would like to get soon.

@Graham - who could refuse a challenge like that? I just need to get some method of creating my own Amiga discs from adf's and then I'm in.

@Muzkat - cheers!

@TheCyberDruid - Lotus 2 was the best of the series for me too. Always liked Vroom though, faster and smoother. And you're talking to an old Turrican head here. Again the second game was the best one.

@ck1200 - Would love to add a hard drive, and get an acelerator with at least 8mb of fast ram. Finally, sort out the case and yellowed keyboard. Maybe sacrifice a CDTV keyboard to the gods of vanity!!
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