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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Ok, Jaimie now help me with one of the jungle levels (PC version):
blue key / red door on one side, red key / blue door on the other side.

The only ways I could pass this level was A) chase HQ on the last key B) get a blue rainfall and get a fly helmet. Otherwise when you fall first time and get the blue key you break the floor and are not able to get back to the red door again. See of which level I'm talking about?
Is it the level with the big brown slug baddies, at top center, surrounded by green stuff (fruit, green keys, green levers, green trap walls)? If so...

It's possible to do the level (all levels in fact) without waiting for Chase HQ (flying key)...

On that level, you need to...

1. Pull the red and blue levers (good idea to kill the 2 small fish too).
2. Drop down the space where the blue or red wall was.
3. Collect a blue or red key.
4. Pull the yellow lever.
5. Drop down the hole in the middle of the screen where the yellow walls were.
6. Ride the bubbles up, and jump through the green fruit and in to the brown slug (will cost your one armour).
7. Collect green keys, and pull green levers.
8. You can now fall through the space where the green walls were at the bottom of the level, and collect both yellow keys.

A tip on this level, don't hang around, there's a lot to do, and if you take too long, you know what happens! hehehe.

*the evil game designer sniggers*

p.s. I think the thing you were not doing, was pulling the green levers, you can't really complete that level without doing so.
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