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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
IF AndreasM said the truth this means Michiel Pelt has simply rolled back.

AndreasM, does your post means that you're ready to "pursue" anyone that would propose the PFS3 system for free download ?
AndreasM only has himself to blame through previous actions, as to why people believe what they do about him. After all, it is in Andreas's own interest to NOT have PFS free to download from the AF website. After all, Andreas only wants to sell as many copies of AF as possible (More money for him), Where would the incentive be for me to buy the magazine if the software was available for download for FREE from the AF website.

Also, What has happened to Michiel intending to release it to the Public Domain via AMINET as described in Gulliver's emails ? Did you Talk him out of it ? Where is the copy of the email that Michiel sent you stating his agreement for you to ONLY put the software on the coverdisk, and *NOT* the website Andreas ? , What is to stop someone buying the CD and promptly uploading the binaries to Aminet themselves, given that we have Emails of his INTENT to distribute via Aminet ? You have showed us *NOTHING* (As you always do).
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