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Originally Posted by Simmo76 View Post
Hi to all! This looks ace on the Youtube vids etc.
Probably a really stupid question, but are there any ADF's or DMS's of this project?
I no longer own a real Amiga and just emulate using my old Xbox1 and WinUAEX. Also, if (and I realise it's probably a big if) ADF/DMS's were available, would my (t)rusty old Xbox have the necessary grunt to play this?
There wouldn't be a DMS or ADF version of this game because of all the mods and would have to be spread out over ten disks or something. You'd be better off installing Workbench on your XBox and then just extract and run Tracker Hero that way. You can get a fully set-up Workbench environment for your XBox here -
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