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Yeah, I'm going to give it the full works if I can! I've got an old Viper 1230 RTC 28 in it at the moment but would like to get a Blizzard PPC in the next few months. Might try and get an Apollo 1240 and upgrade it to a 1260 a little before that though just for fun (Already got a Rev 6 060) and maybe use that to help fund a PPC. I'll try and get a BVision too.

I've already bought a Slim CD drive, Easy ADF, a Pico PSU, an IDE Express, a subway USB controller, a tiny USB to Ethernet adapter (to go in Subway) an USB to CF stick (to go in subway) and have a Delfina Soundcard on the way from Vesalia. I'd LOVE an Indivision AGA but those things are like gold dust at the moment! I hear that Jens at Individual Computers may have some more coming out end of the summer, though, so if I have no luck till then its nice to know there is a chance soon.

I expressed interest in DJBase's clock port expander, hope to buy one of them off him when he has his next batch finished (I'll need that to get my Delfina going). I might try and build an auto video switcher to plug between BVision and Indivision once I get them, I saw a nifty little circuit on a website somewhere. OH! I've also expressed interest in some PSX to Amiga Joypad adapters but up to now i've not heared anything from Paul Willingham just yet, I do hope he still makes them!

I'm going to TRY and cram all that in a Desktop A1200, thats gonna be a good challenge. I don't really fancy a Tower, they are so Uncool nowadays I think.

Anyway, yeah! Colour me bonkers basically!
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