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Well, it seems this subject has brought some debate.

First, let me clarify my intentions which have remained the same since the begining of this PFS3 affair:
I already own, since a few years, a legal copy of PFS3, and so basicly, all I wanted is to ask the developer to relese it for free so that all users could enjoy the same excellent filesystem I was using, which I still believe to be the best on Amigas. I also asked him for the sourcecode. I am not a coder, and I havent got the skills to tinker with it, but I thought it would be great for further improvements, bugfixes, updates, and the possibility of being ported to other Amigoid OSes, so that it could even run natively on them.

So, my idea was purely for the benefit of the entire Amiga community (Amig68k, OS4, MorphOS, AROS, etc), no matter how bitter, twisted or divided it is. I dont gain a single thing from this, and I really dont expect credit to be given to me, I am not after it, and it really doesnt mean anything.
It was just an act of good will from an Amiga fan

I am truly sorry if some of you feel that I had taken the wrong decision regarding the fact that I gave the email address of Mr. Pelt to AndreasM. But I thought it was a step in the right direction (making PFS3 availble), perhaps I was too naive, I really dont know.

Bottomline: I know PFS3 will be released both as binary and sourcecode, for free, for everyone, as intended. It will just be a matter of time. And the rest, well, it is upto you to be the judge.
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