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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
Just to keep you all updated. AndreasM, the guy in charge of the Amiga Future magazine, asked me for the email of Michiel Pelt, which I gladly gave him.

What follows is a brief email update from Michiel:

"Michiel Pelt" <>
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"Ignacio" <>


The full PFS3 will be available on the Amiga Future cover disk as is.
This will consist of the files directly taken from the original CD.

Best regards

Michiel Pelt
author of PFS3
YOU GOT TO BE JOKING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A cover disk of a Magazine I cant get (Here in Australia), who's website is ONLY in German ????????.

Let me tell you this, Amiga's exist outside of Germany you know ! (ARE YOU LISTENING ????).

Wanders off swearing in as many languages as I remember........

And to say more........, We have been (Well you have been) pushing for the open release to the COMMUNITY, and the first person to come along, Andreas, get it for the Magazine Coverdisk.........

Swears a lot more.
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