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Originally Posted by Simmo76 View Post
Hi Jamie,

I don't have an iPhone, so unlikely I'll be getting this, but I did have the original Amiga version of Qwak back in the day and subsequently bought the GBA version (cart number 101 of 300!) from you a couple of years ago.

I can thoroughly recommend to everyone!
No worries mate; and thanks for the thumbs up!

Originally Posted by ami_junkie View Post
Gonna get an iPhone this August when my contract renews, this will be the first app to buy for it I used love this game on the Amiga!
Awseome! ... and if you could rate and review the game too, that would be super cool!

Quite tempted to do more iPhone games, and possibly a Qwak spin-off....

Originally Posted by moijk View Post
Don't overlook the Android platform....

(speaking team 17, I'll take a mobile version of Canon fodder any day. Or Project-X. Two of my all time favorites. Canon fodder might be easiest regarding touch controls)
Hehe, just don't let Joh Hare hear you assosiating Cannon Fodder with Team17!!

I've been looking in to Android development; with a view to extending my engine on to it; but seems it's Java only (C++ is supported, but not very well by all accounts).

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