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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
You're dreaming. MiniMig with ARM board and 4Mbyte RAM costs 250. Natami is a doubly expensive PCB, doubly expensive FPGA, 10x more expensive CPU so if it stays similar to what it is now you can expect the price for NatAmi to be in the 500+ mark.
I wasn't dreaming, I just have no idea what Natami will be priced at...

You're right tho, at those prices, even the minimig with AGA will possibly be too expensive for the Amiga retro-masses..
Not that they won't be able to sell a batch or 2, but...

If they (whomever "they" is) can get an Amiga 680x0 replacement out around 150 to 200, there would be a larger (not PC or Mac, but larger :^) market. But, beyond that price point, you're getting into the hardcore Amiga fan with more disposable cash.
I still think people will spend more on a "new" 680x0 Amiga than what is on e-bait or ?. But not that much more..


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