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Happy Hi there!

After basically lurking for the last few months here, I want to introduce myself to you all finally

I have been away from the Amiga scene for around 10 years now. Around 1999 I sold my lovely Mikronik towered A1200 with Blizzard PPC/BVision and bought a (then) powerful new PC. Yes, how foolish! I saw news of the Amiga One X-1000 on some mainstream news sites and decided to see what was happening in the scene nowadays (not expecting to see much really) but was surprised to see the amount of activity still surrounding the Amiga. So I ended up gettign the bug once again and pulled out my old "spare" A1200 and CDTV from the loft and tried to see if they worked. A1200, thumbs up! CDTV thumbs Down

I'm now currently gathering lots of interesting bits and bobs for the A1200 and trying to repair the CDTV. I'm a dad of two very young kids though, so as you can imagine it's quite a slow process (not much spare time). I am enjoying my time back with the old beasts though, I was ultra surprised to see my A1200 boot up with the same 850MB hdd straight to where it was in WB 3.1 the very day I turned it off for the last time and stored it away, not a glitch!

Anyway, I've found the schematics for the CDTV online, and i'm sourcing lots of new IC sockets (I think the problems are with the pins on the sockets of some, especially the Agnus, 68000 and the Sanyo LC6554H ROM chip at the front, they look very old and slightly corroded on some). But just incase I can get some extra little hints I will say that the machine powers up and the front display comes on. I can also insert a CD and its recognised (led flashes and the cd makes sounds to suggest its recognised) but the machine simply doesnt boot at all. Black screen. I have a floppy drive attached also and that doesn't start to click at all so I don't think its the TV out card (that is usually a problem with black screen CDTV's).

Does anyone have any hints or tips for me?
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