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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
Then you throw in a processor accelerator with some memory and a Flicker Fixer, and you're actually getting to the possibility that the Natami might be less expensive than a NOS Amiga 1200 with Mem/Accelerator/FF.
You're dreaming. MiniMig with ARM board and 4Mbyte RAM costs 250. Natami is a doubly expensive PCB, doubly expensive FPGA, 10x more expensive CPU so if it stays similar to what it is now you can expect the price for NatAmi to be in the 500+ mark.

Originally Posted by asymetrix View Post
As I understand it, they created a Minimig/AGA hybrid 2 years ago, so to reduce costs and increase performance they had to write a DDR2 controller, all timings changed, adapting all components for high bandwidth and future proof took time.
Sounds very unlikely. The FPGA toolkits you can buy include examples of VHDL/Verilog DDR2 controllers. That cannot possibly have been the bottle neck. It surely has to be man-power + expense of making PCB.
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