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Sorry ^_^' , the last thing I ever pretended was trying to recriminate the Amiga bunch for not being as productive as the Speccy one. I was aware it could sound just like that, so It's all my fault.

It has been remarked before how 8 bit homebrew game authors seem so much active than Amiga ones. It's just that being both an active Spectrum (for which I also have been a text adventure writer occasionally) and Amiga user I tried to compare notes from both sides in an attempt to discern at which point in the whole proccess spectrumites got along and amigans got stuck. And I sincerely think it has something to do with the attitude towards people making games with high level languages and/or tools what has marked the difference.

I've seen some change in that attitude lately. People have reacted against the radical "assembler only" view in this very same thread. I'm reading right now a thread at where someone is asking for help for a RPG made in BASIC and most answers are actually helpful. Viddi was considering to release physical copies of a game made by him with Backbone. Cammy has been encouraging the use of creation tools through her comps. I think this is all marking an inflecion point whose results we could notice in a not so distant future.

(now if it just seemed again like a "look to all those wonderful things Spectrum scene is making, you lazy Amiga scum" post, I promise I'll shut my mouth for good and escape from this thread )

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