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theres no point arguing against an extremist view, as we know that Intelectual Property right is slightly different from copyright.

The aingst here is that most people are upset on how whom underhandly stole (just my humble opinion) what they claim to disseminate as thiers.

of course there are outlandish claims of people arguing enforcment of sale, but these are just people whom are upset at the status quo of ignoring the community and trying to fleece them too.

the business practices of are anything but ethical, they have produced scam after scam. this is the aingst that people are rising too...

unfortunately they are taking it out on the legal protection that this company hides behind... its not right, but its their opinion.

Copyright and IP changes from country to country, much like patents however the latter are filed under a specific range of coutries, and they are inherently protect under that coutries laws.

A Smidge About Patents
According to Commodore Amiga Inc hold 406 patents (granted from 1987 to 1993), this includes many of the same patents in other countries and or terratories.

Now as of 2005: Design patents last 14 years (20 years for non-design) from the date you are granted the patent. - After expiration of the term of the patent, the person or entity holding the patent loses the right to exclude others from utilizing the invention, so that anyone can go ahead and make use of the invention without permission of the patent holder.

This is just the US term of patents, this is different from country to country, as are its exemptions.

However its best to point out that it is perfectly legal to patent an existing patent from one country in another (where there is none), even if you are not the original patent holder - with some clever legal wording of course - the original patent owner could object, however if they do not then they will lose any rights to the patent in that country/terratory

IP and Copyright

Intelectual property and copyright have been done to death in this thread but it is important to know that some countries dont have a legal structure to recognise Intelectual property and or copyright.

What I am getting at is simply EAB is a multinational site, not all nations interpret legal ownership the same way, I also dont think there was a direct attack on you personally however it does seem to have been taken it that way.

If anything, just relax, try and ignore outlandish claims and gently and subtly add your views and corrections.

Unfortuantely I dont think this is "the end" of, if history has shown us anything - this rag-tag money laundering service of a company - (again my humble opinion) is like a hydra with many heads.

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