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EvilĀ“s Doom Final Version AVAILABLE!

100% Finished! 13 Years Later!
100% Without Protection Codes!
100% Without Bugs!
100% Updated!
100% Playable!

Changes About This Version (v1.8):

- This version is based on 1.0, 1.7 and 1.7b with all know bugs fixed.
- Removed loader command from the original version.
- Fixed a bug with the intro sequence, now you can skip it without problems.
- Removed the game protection-codes.
- Fixed level 4th underwater level under Belcoon lake.
- Fixed old mines/hell door next to sign that says "Stairway to Hell".
- Fixed old mines/hell next floor down. door down middle corridoor, one that turns you round when you run down it.
- Fixed the final enemy, now you can kill the final enemy and finish the game.
- Fixed and reworked monitors ONLY works with PAL mode.
- Add speed up for 68020 and 68030 cpu.
- Fixed to run with less memory.
- Add Manual from the original game.
- Add full solution levels to finish the game.
- Add the Evils Doom SE promotional video.
- Add savegames (all levels).
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