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As far as copyright goes.....ALL companies should be forced to produce a physical product for sale in full packaging in a minimum quantity of 100,000 units or else relinquish copyright.
So.. basically you're saying that I should lose rights to exclusively sell a game I wrote and prevent others from selling it unless I take a huge loss every time some dink wants it for free? I'm not allowed to hang onto the rights until some future time when it may BE profitable just because you don't like what I'm doing with the rights "right now"?

Penny Arcade said it best: people work up some ridiculous Ur-Morality where it's okay for them to violate the rights of companies and artists so long as they're angry while they do it.

Copyright exists to protect people who create things, and ensure they get fair market value for their creation. You may not LIKE it that these protections are in place, but they MUST be in place or the motivation to create vanishes.

And don't give me garbage about how some flash in the pan game like World of Goo has no copy protection, when a design group starts to make full games with large budgets, they ALL suddenly care about protection of their assets. When game design is a hobby and you make it big, you smile and cheer because you did it while you still had your day job.

When it actually becomes your day job? Or when you are a publishing company that pays developers and then buys the rights to distribute a game? Your view of piracy quickly gets a lot dimmer. It's small comfort to see your game has a million players online when only 20 thousand of them have actually paid you for it. Especially when you needed to sell at least a hundred thousand to make development and marketing costs back. You can't help but wonder if you'd have made those necessary sales if your game had been harder to steal. The twenty thousand copies that seemed like such a fortune when it was out for your garage becomes chicken scratch against a giant bucket of debt when you're trying to make the bigger, better followup.

...and your view of people who want to take away the rights to decide what happens to your own creation gets even lower.

I released a game I did in the 80's to public domain, because someone actually tracked me down and asked; lo and behold I found out the rights had actually fallen back to me.. but if I'd seen a post like yours ahead of time I'd be disinclined to do so. You want to remove my choice and my right to protect my product, simply because you want to be able to use it without paying for it. You want to BULLY me into releasing my work, instead of asking with politeness and respect.

It doesn't matter that I'm not presently marketing something I did. It is MY choice whether I want you to get it for free, not yours. I deserve to profit from my creation for the rest of my life if I want to, and I deserve to keep it to myself forever if I want to. And you know what? A "company" deserves those rights no less than I do as an individual. If a "company" buys rights, holds them and keeps their copyright updated, then they're showing interest in keeping the rights.

I understand the rights to Amiga Workbench and such are a bit muddy, but that's not my point here. When the rights are clear, you can go drown in a lake if you think it's right to force me to waste thousands of dollars randomly to protect my work.

....oh and the rights being muddy does not give you the right to steal these things anyway. It gives you the right to challenge ownership.

(And no, I won't tell you all what it was I made and released to public domain when asked, because it was really really dog-crap of a game and I'm embarrassed to this day that someone managed to track me down based on a handle I stopped using over 20 years ago.)

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