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Well spoken, guys. But the film industry has its indie films that wind up on Sundance. And music has its lo-fi scene that doesn't have to play by the rules. Is the computer/gaming scene so shallow that they don't have an alternative scene anymore?

The problem here is that such a scene can exist, but nobody seems interested in doing this...they only seem to get into computing for the money. Web pages seem to have one thing in mind...selling ads. The whole planet has become one huge whorehouse, only instead of smelling of a fishmarket, it reeks of feces.

How prophetic those little lemmings really were...

On the upside, we still have a nice scene on the Amiga with the tireless efforts in WinUAE development, WHD installs, the upcoming HOL...all with people who do it for the love of the machine. Even the Abandonware scene can't claim this with their spam/pop-up sites that force adverts down one's throats.
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