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Will Pandora be the one to give birth to a proper portable Amiga emulator?

While WinUAE is naturally the best at it altogether, I would like to one day be able to take its power and capability with me on the move, and in a nifty handheld device. WinUAE-X is/was the best effort in the console world, but everything else so far has had to stick with UAE4ALL which - while good in its own right - naturally has a lot less functionality. PSPUAE is a valiant standout effort, but alas I believe it's stuck having to cope with the fact that its host hardware just isn't meaty enough to chug the whole hog at full speed ahead.

Pandora may well be the one handheld to achieve the ultimate feat if whoever the lucky programmer is plays their cards right - I feel it deserves a lot more than just another quick port of UAE4ALL. Wouldn't it be nice to run a nice ClassicWB/WHDLoad setup from the palm of your hand, or emulate your favourite and under-rated CDTV/CD³² title?

I await with long baited breath for what the future holds.
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