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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Using the MMU it should be possible to trap special writes/reads and emulate the ST chips
(you'd need a 68030 at least)

Some gfx boards already do that (Retina) on the Amiga.

Well maybe there are other nasty issues such as interrupt vectors (vblank, etc...). Well, in theory a full speed low-level Atari ST emulator should be possible on the Amiga.

But what's the interest when most of the games exist on both plaforms (except for some rare exceptions like Super Sprint, Colonial Conquest, ...) and when they do the Amiga version is identical or better?
Thankyou for you reply Sir -Just intrested or dreaming

I guess your right no real need as most games were ported to Amiga but still a few Games/PD/Demos that wernt.

I have had Colonial Conquest and a few other TOS friendly games running under Chamaeleon - Chamaeleon 68000 only though
What about TOSEmu for WHDLOAD like KickEmu
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