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One more developer that has quit because of poor sales of a good, recent game: Sland Media, authors of Exodus: The Last War (RTS).

Originally posted by Akira
That reminds me... there was a Turrican look-a-like kind of game... What was its name? Is there a demoversion I could try?
I'm guessing... Desolate, Vulcan Software? If that is the right game name, I don't think it was ever released. I don't know of a demo, either.

Originally posted by Akira
BTW I cannot dload the Hellsquad or WastedDream demos from the official site. They don't seem to be at Aminet either.

Any other links?
I can't find either online myself. I do, however, have both demos on magazine cover CDs. Mod guidance on possible Zone upload, please.
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