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Bumping an old thread, what's more Atari ST related, won't necessarily help my case, but after noticing I couldn't get much out of Hatari, I more or less successfully configured... tada
WinSTon !Its GUI looks vaguely like the ancient one from WinUAE, INMHO.

Also, to reply to Kitty's implicit question about using a HDD with the emulator, apparently copying the content from the floppy image to the (directory designated as) hard drive in emulation doesn't induce any side effect when it's a .PRG (I didn't test this extensively).

That really differienciates emulation on both platforms, at first glance :
Steem users could get along clicking such game icons wherever the game files were located without heavy patching, couldn't they ?
Admittedly, I didn't try hard enough to configure this popular emulator. This said, I enjoy WiSTon's simplicity for the moment.

The dilemna about GEM standard resolutions VS using post-v1.04 TOS versions is bound to arise for a few users because the latter support only certain games.
So, without the benefit of these resolutions, I simply maximize the window (autoscale + overscan) so that it occupies the whole screen (minus the borders), and there I go. The way I figure it out is GEM being a distant relative of Picasso's RTG, it might help to stabilize the full screen picture of those games that would allow to be booted with a more recent revision of the TOS.

Just to let you know, the game that I repeatedly loaded is Cybernoid II since I've read the latest posts from the threads about Hungry Horace Cybernoid I & II slave updates.

Couldn't really tell if one ST emulator "wins" over the others. To some extend, they all seem to cry for newer versions, and to be limited in terms of up-to-date features.
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