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A/NES PRO v1.11 released

A/NES PRO v1.11 released. Here's the changelog:
* NMI/IRQ addresses in GUI was wrong. Fixed!
* Timing of branch-opcodes fixed! (Should now be 100% accurate)
* Improved CPU clockcycle timings.
* NES stack-related code rewritten, now behaves like the real hardware.
* CGFX/P96-driver should now be faster.
* Gameregion are now also detected by analyzing filename instead of only checking header.
* One-screen mirroring fixed (RC Pro Am is now playable)
* Mirroring fixes (Final Fantasy 1)
* Various mapper fixes
* Misc minor optimizations.

Since v1.10 A/NES PRO also supports CGFX/P96 screenmodes (experimental).
More info at:
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