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I know it may sound a bit moronic to post about updating MAME romsets, and MAME accuracy can be better discussed among people who own some actual arcade system at home and make comparisons, which is minority here.
Anyone encountered issues while updating ? My 0.135 romset was not only outdated, it was missing many roms.

I am proud of what I did, it almost made me feel like an expert :
On some blog, there was a list with all of 0.135 mame roms.
I could have downloaded the whole thing, but I preferred to do it rom by rom (waste of bandwidth and such concerns).
Well, the problem is that checking every ClrMamePro log entry with the list was getting on my nerves, so I downloaded a text file matching program, used a keyword view, and had all the missing roms (abbreviated name from the zip file aka "folder") highlighted !

Oh, that was not all : I had to grab the missing extra roms for MAME Plus! also which are commonly requested, but no so commonly grouped as a one piece download.

Here's the bottom line :
Sets         :        29  / 8832
Roms        :       77  / 128872
Samples    :       220/ 2542

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