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I don't expect any Classic Amiga user to utilise a full 1GB of FastRAM- the example test was just a bit of fun :-)

However, I often use up to 256MB Fast memory on my own A1200 especially when I am using Pagestream, TVPaint, PDF, Ghostscript, and FXScan applications.

A4000 accelerators with memory on-board are very scarce (and expensive on Ebay unfortunately). Hopefully, ZorRAM will give standard A4000 users a well-priced and readily-available way of adding memory with modern SDRAM technology and warranty/support.

It designed to be the most cost effective way of adding memory to the A4000 so it need not be constrained to standard 16MB on board memory.

If it has the added benefit that larger, more memory expansive programs are developed for the Classic Amiga, then we will be very happy. is offline  
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