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First of all : Hi and welcome to EAB Peter1982.

Originally Posted by Peter1982 View Post
Banshee, Apidya, Agony, Apocalypse, XP8, Super Stardust, Xenon 2 Megablast, R-Type, Project X, SWIV, Battle Squadron, Tubular Worlds, Disposable Hero, Silkworm, Desert Strike, Jungle Strike, Shadow of the Beast 1,2,3, Chaos Engine, Commando, Operation Wolf, Operation Thunderbolt, Batman the Movie, Last Ninja 2,3, Moonstone, Turrican 1,2,3, Alien Breed 1,2, Tower Assault, Cannon Fodder 1,2, Lotus Turbo 1,2, Walker, Lionheart, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Dreams, Pinbal Illusions, Slamtilt, Aladdin, Lion King, Leander, Stunt Car Racer, International Karate, Retee 2, First Samurai, Second Samurai, Entity, Doman, Shadow Fighter, Zool, Yo! Joe!, Super Frog, Dynablaster, Super Cars, Indy Heat, Arabian Nights, Nigel Mansell's Championship, F17 Challenge.
Are you serious? Couldn't you at least make a line based list? Good luck finding someone that is patient enough to go through that list
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