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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
IIRC, wasn't it Toni's preference to receive such support by means of hardware dontations in Cloanto's case?
Can't remember that far... (hardly can remember yesterday )

I just don't see any difference in between Cloanto supporting Toni and some other developer (which apparently is a frontend for winuae?), so I don't "get" what Retro-Nerd is trying to say.

The form of support isn't particularly important, as I understand Cloanto didn't have to support either one in any way, so ANY support is better than none, right?

Edit: Oh wait. "Toni allowed"? Is WinUAE GPL or is it not? (couldn't see it in WinUAE about page, but isn't it originally a fork of UAE, which is? has license changed at some point?)
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