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Thanks for the replies

@Thomas - it's no good for as soon as I reset the Amiga the system will not boot. AmigaDOS gives a couple of error messages:

:c-68k/version: Unknown command
:c-68k/version: Unknown command
:Installation-Support/BuildScreenModePrefs: Unknown command

Looking at someones website where they reviewed an installation of 4.1 (not 4.0 as in my case but close enough I figure) I see in their install that the output at the end of the install should be:

"Configuring your new system Installation. This will only take a few moments.
Copying language preferences...
Copying default preferences...
Enabling screen blanker...
Removing install monitor drivers...
Creating default monitor driver...
Copying post-install script..."

Mine always fails at the 2nd and 3rd lines so, as best as I can tell, the last 4 lines never get executed

@fryguy - I chose 'english' for the language and American English for my keyboard (suits us in NZ as we use US key layouts)

Thank you both
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