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NO they all must drop whatever they are doing and make 68k ASM games right now lazy bastards.

Quit developing AROS or apps for it. Quit devving on OS4, no more MorphOS either. No more AGA 060 demos or WHDLoad. Tell jahc to stop updating wookiechat and SabreMSN. Wepl needs to make a game to prove his skillz and Ratte can stop updating drivers for indivision and start making a better version of ChaseHQ for the a500. All those lazy untalented jerks who made stuff for the christmas compo should stop taking the easy route and learn 68k ASM to make a turrican killer. Novacoder should stop trying to get VGA scummvm games working on AGA and learn 68k ASM. Even you heavy stylus quit making your awesome compilation CDs QUIT NOW! And dont get me started on KillerGorilla, who the hell does he think he is making a game launcher and making neat whdload packs. Anakirob should quit making music too and learn ASM to make a game up to Falcon Flight's standard written in 68kASM right now.

Lazy good for nothing bums...

aww, I cant stay mad at you guys. Thanks for everything you do for free in your own time that benefits the rest of us. Don't think for one second its not appreciated just because of trolls like Falcon Flight.
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