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Problem installing OS 4.0 onto a 4000

Hi folks

I had a thread running a while back on Amigaworld:

but, even though plenty of people offered suggestions, I got nowhere.

So..I'll give this forum a shot

Long story short I have the following system:

A4000 / CyberstormPPC / CybervisionPPC / 4GB CF card connected to internal IDE controller / Plextor UltraWide SCSI CD-ROM connected to the CSPPC

I run through the 4.0 installation process and all is happy chappies (no errors, nothing) until the very last thing (after it's copied all the files) where upon I get the following error message:

"No language preferences selected, you should do that after booting your system. Copying default preferences...
Error copying standard preferences files"

The only option then is to 'Cancel' which buggers up the installation.

I've run this install MANY times and have verified each time that I selected 'english' as the language so I've got no idea why it thinks I didn't. I've also tried creating my partitions manually, using the default templates and using combinations of FFS and SFS and nothing fixes it. After clicking 'Cancel' I'm dumped back on the WB screen so I thought I'd enter my new system partition to see if there were issues and I can navigate around it without any problems.

If anyone can shed any insight into this it would be greatly appreciated as I'm simply getting nowhere

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