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Originally Posted by Djay View Post
apart from bitching on a forum, what have you done to change things?

force programmer's to code
if they wont...
learn to code...

whoops, sorry sounded like Al Gore for a sec.... seriously though, things wont change if everyone decides to do nothing, if you have a talent then use it, if not and you feel strongly enough do something about it...
mmm... i think you misunderstand me. Is English your second or third language as well?
when i said ppl "can't pull their finger out" i only meant that relative to the guys doing stuff for the 8 bits.
they're doing some amazing things compared to Amigans for a few reasons, one of which they're simply more industrious.

please understand - this fact doesn't bother me. A question was posed and i answered it as i see things. if you see them differently, be my guest to go on living with that "perception".

For me the Amiga is alive through the UAE emu and the ppl who use the original hardware with the classic games and software, and communicate on forums about it all.

I don't yearn for change or a Turrican 2 or Deluxe Paint killer. I'm happy with those two and i have my peecee with Windon't for serious tasks (like modern gaming).
however if you'll show me any new games that are programmed in assembly and are akin to my old classics, i'll glady eat my words - but still ignore them as they're not for reliving memories.
have fun with your dreams and try not to project your bitchiness onto others.
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